Christy-lee, Designer

I’m Christy-lee. A designer, hobby photographer and creative thinker. I grew up in a small artsy town (think: in the sticks!) on the very east end of Long Island, New York where there’s lots of tourists and ocean breeze. A firm believer in the process of making and a bit of a minimalist paired with inspiration drawn from nature collide to create a unique design experience that is both clean, effective & timeless. I incorporate a holistic approach to every project to ensure it not only visually communicates inline with the brand voice but is equally smart and intuitive for the user. A multidisciplinary designer, but I have a special interest in packaging, product, branding/identity, and editorial design, as well as product photography.

I graduated from Purchase College SUNY, in December of 2014 with a BFA in graphic design. Alongside my studies as a full-time student I pursued internships throughout the course of my Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years at three design/marketing agencies where I gained invaluable knowledge in print, digital, and web design. Since then I have worked as a Junior Designer at Wondersauce, LLC., which has led to my current position as the Principal Designer at Genesis Private Label.

Please feel free to contact me with any further inquiries.