Self directed Senior Thesis.

  • Dan & Daniella Logo Design
  • Detail Shot of the Stepper Foot on a Sewing Maching
  • First Mock Up of the DandD Commuter Bag
  • Fabric Pattern Design
  • Detail Shot of the Hardware for the Commuter Bag
  • Dan & Daniella Commuter Bag Design
  • Dan & Daniella Commuter Bag Design
  • Dan & Daniella Process Images

With no prior sewing experience or knowledge of industrial product design I decided to take the risk and dove into the process whole heartedly. After four months I ended my college career with results much greater than I could have ever hoped. Dan&Daniella, or DANDD, is a commuter lifestyle brand with a goal to change the way commuters carry their day to day essentials. Through direct research and feedback I designed, produced and developed the branding, identity, care cards, interior textile print, the bag itself, social media accounts, and responsive website design.

DANDD is unisex in design, visually minimal and highly functional – with the ability to be worn messenger style, backpack, or carried as a briefcase.

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